About me
More than 20 years experience in IT and Finance. I will automate your business with python tools, make excel templates and collect all the data you need from the internet!
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Table of Contents
  1. Q1 – What are the first steps and what do I have to pay attention at the beginning?
  2. Q2 – What should you watch out regarding the Excel sheets?
  3. Q3 – What does the color of the fields in the Excel sheets mean?
  4. Q4 – How do I find the ticker code (e.g. AAPL, FB, MSFT, etc.) for a share?
  5. Q5 – How can i unpack / unzip the files?
  6. Q6 – I would like to have the program run automatically at a certain time?
  7. Q7 – When starting the program i get a window with the message “Windows Defender Smart Screen prevented an unrecognized app from starting”?
  8. Q8 – Program terminates or does not work as expected? Error message only (too) briefly visible?
  9. Q9 – How can I check if i have the correct Chromedriver file installed?
  10. Q10 – Error message the macro is not allowed when opening the xlsm file or pressing a macro-button?
  11. Q11 – Program terminates (with or without error message)?
  12. Q12 – Excel needs to be repaired?
  13. Q13 – Excel blocked by actual user?
  14. Q14 – Program ends with some ZIP error?
  15. Q15 – Program ends with “…can´t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer…”
  16. Q16 – Excel opens with a name conflict: “Name could not be the same as the integrated name. Old name: _FilterDatabase
  17. Q17 – Program stops with a PermissionError. eg. Permission Error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: “C:\\Program Files\xyz…
  18. Q18 – How can the products be purchased on Eloquens.com or new version downloaded after purchase?
  19. Q19 – How can the products be bought on DigiStore24 or new versions downloaded after the purchase?
  20. Q20 – For which operating systems can individual solutions from Fiverr or Upwork be used?
  21. Q21 – From which data sources is the data for the customized solutions taken?
  22. Q22 – In what form will the data be provided for the individual solutions from Fiverr or Upwork
  23. Q23 – How are the programs parameterized for the customized solutions?
  24. Q24 – How can I copy the current working directory as a path?
  25. Q25 – The program cannot be started on MacOS because it is an app of an unverified developer?
  26. Q26 – How can i create the credentials for using the Google Sheets API, so a program is able to access my Google Sheet Document?
  27. Q27 – How can i create the credentials for using the Google Drive API, so a program is able to access my Google Drive Documents?
  28. Q28 – How can i create the credentials for using Google Cloud AI Vision API or the Google Cloud Storage API?
  29. Q29 – How can i provide the credentials for my email-account when i want to automate my emails in some way?
  30. Q30 – How to import a csv-file and store it as an xlsx-file?
  31. Q31 – The program cannot be started on Windows 10 because it is an unrecognised app?
  32. Q32 – How to create an app password for gmail?
  33. Q33 – How to create an app password for your yahoo-mail?
  34. Q34 – Add an exclusion to Windows Security when an executable program is falsy flagged as virus / malicious file?
  35. Q35 – In case of other problems?