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“As complex as necessary, but as simple as possible“

Computer and technology is my job and I enjoy it to help other people with their everyday technical questions. More and more there are various simple solutions that I will share here.

We support you in a wide variety of areas:

Nodemail and GMail sending mails with GMail in Node.js
Seniors - Tipps and Tricks tipps for surfing and more
Python - Facebook Auto Poster send automatic messages on Facebook
HTML - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet structure, grouping, layout, elements, forms and more
CSS - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet attributes, fonts, icons, relationsships, classed, ids and more
Javascript - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet strings, arrrays, fucntions, objects, classes and more
Python - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet strings, lists, dicts, functions, modules, classes and more
SQL - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet selects, inserts, updates, deletes, keys and more
GIT - Learn With Me - Cheatsheet pull, push, init, .gitignore, branches and more
Windows 10 Installation download, install, surfing, mail, security and more
Magenta Webmail attachments, webmail, cloud and more
Speed Dial FVD overview, addon, add tiles, delete tiles, and more