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What are the first steps and what do I have to pay attention at the beginning?


  • Unpack all file contents (program, XLSX templates, readme.txt) in a separate folder.
  • The firewall access may be activated the first time the program is started (click on "OK" or "Allow") - The program pulls data through online scrapping and therefore needs online access rights
  • (optional - please have a look in the readMe-file of your product if it is relevant) Please check whether the chromedriver.exe version matches your currently installed Chrome version - and put it in the same folder as the program
    (details see Question #9)
  • Start program (not the chromedriver file)
  • Q2:

    What should you watch out regarding the Excel sheets?


  • In case of problems - before you execute the program, close the excelsheet - otherwise there are possible conflicts when opening the xlsx during the program run
  • It is best not to edit the Excel sheet during the update - otherwise, in rare cases this can lead to conflicts
  • Q3:

    What does the color of the fields in the Excel sheets mean?


    Fields marked YELLOW are usually input fields - especially in input Excel worksheets. Fields marked BLUE and GREEN are usually result fields and fields marked GRAY are information fields.


    How do I find the ticker code (e.g. AAPL, FB, MSFT, etc.) for a share?


    Find the stock on Yahoo Finance and use the ticker symbol from there.
    z.B. AAPL for Apple, FB for Facebook, BAYN.DE for Bayer,...


    How can i unpack / unzip the files?


    On Windows: link
    On MacOS: link


    I would like to have the program run automatically at a certain time?


    The automatic execution of the program can be set up for example with the Windows task scheduler.
    Howto you can find here on Stackoverflow


    When starting the program i get a window with the message "Windows Defender Smart Screen prevented an unrecognized app from starting"?


    - in the windows explorer right-click on the EXE-File
    - choose Properties
    - unblock the file with the checkbox on the very bottom of the windows
    see also Stackoverflow Thread


    Program terminates or does not work as expected?
    Error message only (too) briefly visible?


    If the program is started from Windows Explorer and aborts due to an error (e.g. web access error), the error message is only visible for a short time and the cmd Command Line window is closed immediately. In order to see the error message, the program must be started from cmd Command Line.

    To start the program in the command line window:
    - Open Windows Explorer and change to the directory of the program-exe
    - Click in the address bar in the free area to the right of the file path
    - Enter "cmd" and press Enter
    - Terminal with selected program-exe path is opened
    - Start the program by entering the program name and press Enter
    - All program messages and error messages can now be seen in the window


    How can I check if i have the correct Chromedriver file installed?


    Chrome version and Chromedriver always have to fit together
    Current Chrome version can be seen in the chrome browser under: Click on 3 dots at the top right - Help - About Google Chrome - there you can find the current version of your Google Chrome browser.
    Chromedriver Versions can donwloaded here - in case of problems please download the corresponding chromedriver-file and put it in the same folder as the program
    HowTo Video Tutorial


    Error message the macro is not allowed when opening the xlsm file or pressing a macro-button?


    Macro use must be enabled for the storage location:
    - Show the Developer tab (if not allready visible): Link
    - Add a trusted location for macros Link


    Program terminates (with or without error message)?


    Since the data is obtained live from the www, connection problems can sometimes occur - often it helps to simply restart the program (pls close the Excels before)


    Excel needs to be repaired?


    Sometimes it can happen that the XLS file has to be repaired (error message in Excel). To do this, make the repair in excel and save / overwrite the file with the same name


    Excel blocked by actual user?


    Delete the respective processes for Excel in the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) under Processes


    Program ends with some ZIP error?


    Excel sheets are corrupted - it is best to save the Excel sheets again, then the problem should be solved


    Program ends with "...can´t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer..."


    Update your Operatings System to the newest update - restart
    Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
    Also see Forums Thread


    Excel opens with a name conflict:
    "Name could not be the same as the integrated name. Old name: _FilterDatabase


    Enter any name (e.g. xyz) - then the program should continue and the error message in the future will no longer appear.


    Program stops with a PermissionError
    eg. Permission Error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: "C:\\Program Files\xyz...


    Start the program with administrator rights
    Right click - run as administrator


    How can the products be purchased on or new version downloaded after purchase?


    - All products including purchase links can be found at RapidTech1898 Finanztools
    - Create a user account at Eloquens
    - Access the link of the product e.g. Product "One For All"
    - Click on "Add To Cart - (price)"
    - Select business / consulting / student / non-profit

    Additionally when using a coupon:
    - Click on "Have a discount coupon" if you have one
    - Enter your discount coupon and click on "Apply discount coupon"
    - The reduced price or free should now appear under Total

    - Click on "Proceed"
    - Registration on Eloquens required - if not registered yet
    - Click on "Add To Library"
    - Click on the title of the product in your library or on the download symbol to the left of the name
    - On this page you can then download the product or products individually


    How can the products be bought on DigiStore24 or new versions downloaded after the purchase?


    - All products including purchase links can be found at RapidTech1898 Finanztools
    - Access the link of the product e.g.:Product "One For All"
    - Select payment option (SEPA, Paypal, credit card, etc.) and fill in the input fields
    - When using a coupon, also enter it in the "Gutscheincode" field
    - Click on "Jetzt kaufen"
    - Confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered
    - Keep the mail and license key
    - Products can be downloaded under "Für Ihren Download klicken Sie hier" in the mail


    For which operating systems can individual solutions from Fiverr or Upwork be used?


    Programs can be created for Windows, MacOS and / or Linux.


    From which data sources is the data for the customized solutions taken?


    The data is live from various financial websites (eg. Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, GuruFocus,, CoinMarketCap, Wallstreet Journal etc.) and the key measures are created with various Python modules (eg. YFinance, TA-Lib, pandas etc.). Getting customized solutions from Fiverr or Upwork


    In what form will the data be provided for the individual solutions from Fiverr or Upwork


    Normally, the result data is provided in Excel worksheets, with the use of Python modules (e.g. XlWings, OpenpyXL etc.).
    But it is also possible to put the financial results in Google Sheets or in databases (like Sqlite, MySQL, Maria-DB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.)


    How are the programs parameterized for the customized solutions?


    This is usually also done with Excel worksheets.
    In the worksheets there are certain cell areas in which the parameters from the user can be entered (e.g. ticker symbols, dates, currency, etc.). After the parameters have been saved and the individual program started - these parameter values ​​are used for processing.
    Getting customized solutions from Fiverr or Upwork


    How can I copy the current working directory as a path?


    - Start Windows Explorer and open the desired folder
    - Right click on the address bar and select "copy address"
    - You can now paste the full path where you like


    How can i create a Google Sheets API, so a program is able to access my Google Sheet Document?


    HowTo-Video see here: Video

    - Create project on Console Google Cloud
    - press the white triangle right from "Google Cloud Platform" in the blue header
    - click "NEW PROJECT" in the right upper corner of the new window
    - select name + click create
    - select the new project (pls double check if the new project is left of the white triangle in the header)
    - 3 lines upper/left - API/Services - Library
    - search for google drive API + enable it
    - search for google sheets api + enable it
    - 3 lines upper/left - API/Services - Credentials
    - create credentials for Service Accounts + define name + press Continue
    - choose role "editor" + press Continue + press Done
    - press on created service account + press keys + Add Key + Create New Key
    - select json + and store json-file with name creds.json
    - copy client_email entry from the json-file
    - in google sheets - got to share in the document
    - paste the email from above + press send
    - send the creds.json-file to the developer

    The developer is now able to access and work with your google sheet.


    The program cannot be started on MacOS because it is an app of an unverified developer?


    Bitte laut dieser Beschreibung vorgehen: Link


    In case of other problems?


    If there are any problems or bugs please feel free to contact me

    If possible, always state the exact error message from the cmd command line or Powershell and which input data were used (e.g. sample Excel for input and output, ticker symbols used, time periods used, etc.)

    Please also provide a screenshot of the Chrome version (3 dots in Chrome-Browser at the top right - Help - About Google Chrome) and the file folder where all files are located (Excel, program, chromedriver)