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Web Scraping - get any data live from the WWW

As a hand-vetted Fiverr Professional i can scrape your data from the source you want and put it in the form you need like Excel, PDF, Word, Google Sheet and so on. Python and the libraries are the ideal toolset for me to do this. I am familiar with BeautifulSoap, Request, Selenium, OpenpyXL, Xlwings, Scrapy and many more modules which are tailored to get and transform the data.

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Following some scraping projects i did in the past:

  • Apps / Store: app information Google Play Store, Apple Store
  • Cars / Find Products Kemi Moto, Moose Utilities, Thumper Fab
  • Dictionary / Words: get words Kaikki Dictionary, Wordnet, Wordset
  • Education / Universities: rankings from Forbes, USNews
  • Finance / Crypto: crypto data from CoinMarketCap
  • Finance / Information: event infos from
  • Finance / Information: tweets from Stocktwits
  • Finance / Stocks: data from Tadawul, Nasdaq
  • Finance / Stocks: finance data from Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, GuruFocus
  • Gaming / Pokemon: search for cards on PSA Cards
  • Gaming / ESports: get results Cyberarena, ESportsBattle
  • Information / Astrology: search for planet hours Planetary Hours
  • Jobs / Recruiting: search for roles on Indeed
  • Media / Films: check on Tubi, Roku, Pluto TV
  • Media / Television: search for keywords ,
  • Media / Newspaper: search articles WSJ, Washington Post, NYT
  • Medical / Searching: get doctors from OneDoc
  • Real Estate / Auctions: get sells Auctionhouse, Bondwolfe
  • Real Estate / Values: checks on Royal Bank, WOWA, ZOLO, HonestDoor, BCA
  • Searching / Authors: works and pdfs from Biblioteca Digital Ecuador
  • Searching / Companies: entries on Firmen ABC
  • Searching / Google Maps: creating roadmaps on Google Maps
  • Searching / Google Places: restaurants in Los Angeles on Google Places
  • Searching / Local: from Consiglio Nazionale Forense
  • Searching / Used Cars: from Blocket
  • Shopping / Apple: check availability on Apple Store
  • Shopping / Carpets: carpets from ECarpet Gallery
  • Shopping / Clocks: rolex prices on Crown & Caliber
  • Shopping / LPs: informations from Big Dipper
  • Shopping / Jewellery: product information Brilliant Earth, James Allen
  • Shopping / Weapons: product information RSRGroup
  • Social / Platform: groups and sites from Facebook
  • Social / Platform: tweets from Twitter
  • Sport / Bet: horse races from Sportsbet, TAB, RacingAndSports
  • Sport / IceHockey: get stats from Hockey Reference
  • Sport / Squash: places from Squash Players App
  • Sport / Tennis: rankings from Universal Tennis
  • Traveling / Information : recommendations from Tripadvisor