See below some layouts and interactive Web-Examples which i did so far - if you are interested in a customized webpage i would be very happy when you get in contact with me - i can make you a tailored homepage exactly for your needs!

Have also a look at a sample contract / proposal here

Educated and supported by 100Devs from Leon Noel leonnoel pic

Inspired and templates used from javascript30 pic by Wes Bos

Techcrunch Layout Rebuild

techcrunch pic

Example Bootstrap Datatables

example bootstrap datatables pic

Online Horoscope

With API, Javascript And Responsive Design onlineHoroscope pic

Cuisine Restaurant

With Responsive Design restaurant pic

(Not So) Simple Calculator

With Javascript And Responsive Design simple calculator pic

Hair Salon

With Responsive Design techcrunch pic

DrumKit Play

With Javascript drumkit pic

Analog Clock

With Javascript Analog Clock pic

Khan Academy Layout2

khanacacademy pic

Picture Play

With Javascript And Responsive Design picturePlay pic

BBC Layout3

bbclayout pic

Source Wire Frame

sourcewireframe pic

Flex Pictures

With FlexBoxing And Javascript flexPics pic

Level Ground Wireframe

levelgroundwireframe pic

Pushwork Example

pushwork pic